One of the unique aspects of winemaking in Alsace is that even the smallest of growers normally produces many different wines each year.  Pierre is no exception, and we have reserved three of his wines for Partners here – a Riesling Grand Cru, and special cuvées of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris.


Pierre and his son Thomas are biodynamic winemakers and tend their vines following strict biodynamic principles.  This involves not only complete respect for the environment by the elimination of all chemical pesticides, but also a requirement to be ‘in tune’ with the solar calendar which influences the best time to perform all the various vineyard tasks.  To farm in this way takes single-minded dedication, and the benefits do not appear overnight, but Pierre and Thomas firmly believe it is worth the effort to have healthy vines that are in optimum condition due to constant working of the soil and avoidance of all chemicals and pesticides.


The appellation of Grand Cru in Alsace was created in 1983, to denote wines produced from the very best sites.  Our exclusive Riesling is from the Grand Cru Brand, situated on the granite hillside behind the village of Turckheim, and some of Pierre’s vines are over 50 years old.  At an altitude of 250 metres and with a southeasterly exposure, this site has been famous for the quality of its wines – especially Rieslings – since the Middle Ages.  Our wine has a delicate bouquet, a floral flavour, and a mineral or slaty finish, very typical of the terroir.  It is dry, with good balance between fruit and acidity.  Delicious when young, it will also improve and become more complex for up to 10 years.