Give a living, loving row of vines (editor’s pick) - December 2015 - Editor’s pick


Are you a wine explorer, an avid dinner party host, a connoisseur or a social sipper? Or if simply you have tasted your way through oceans of bland, mass-produced wine and need your palate eviving, here is the inspiration to select the perfect vines and some exclusive, original wines for yourself or our wine-loving friend.


3D Wines Experience has re-launched its successful rent-a-row of vines programme in ten top vineyards in France. Its new My3DVines is a user-friendly way of choosing via its fresh new website; these are unusual, valuable gifts that keep on giving. A year-long association with your vineyard and inemaker makes it great fun, informative and totally unique. From just £59, the welcome gift pack includes a first ottle of wine from your vines, plus details about your vines, your wine, your vineyard and your winemaker.


Whether you like wonderfully rich champagne, or powerful, heady Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or a light, elegant rosé from the Loire Valley, My3DVines have something to capture your wine imagination and liven up your taste buds.


Enjoy your award-winning wine from your vines and appreciate the expert skills of the winemaker. Each row produces on average 48 bottles. There is no obligation to buy, but you will not want to miss out on wines that are priced specially for you at less than the recommended cellar door price.


My3DVines is a fresh new take on an established and successful concept. Renting a row of vines means you become a partner in the vineyard, and you can enjoy the benefit of great quality wines made in limited quantities by independent family producers.


The majority of these wines are made in small quantities from noteworthy terroir – a plot of old vines, a clos, or from a particular cuvée. Many of them are exclusive to 3D’s Partners and cannot be found anywhere else. Also, many are organic or biodynamic and the taste really reflects the fact that they come from somewhere special, and are made with care and passion.


As a Partner, you can visit your vines and meet the winemakers, or you can have your wines shipped to your front door in the UK. You can also attend one of 3D’s many exclusive wine tasting and gourmet events in France, Italy or the UK – such as truffle hunting, champagne blending or picnics in the vineyards.’

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