3D Blending at Champagne Fresne Ducret - July 2015

Pierre and Daniella Fresne hosted 3D Partners ‘Champagne Blending’ day on Saturday 18th July.


This is a unique experience of learning how to become a chef de Cave producing your own special blend of champagne, under the guidance of Pierre Fresne at Champagne Fresne Ducret. After your experience enjoy a delicious lunch organised by the equally talented Daniella Fresne, enhanced with your ‘own’ champagne as well as a few special vintages from the cellar.


Quote 3D Partner (Janet  Macey) “We had a wonderful day at Fresne Ducret with Pierre and Daniella, and now appreciate the difficult task of champagne blending.  The picture shows Pierre displaying the difference between the leaves of a Pinot noir and Pinot meunier – meunier meaning miller and the leaf of that variety appears to have a dusting of flour!



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