2015 NZ Vintage Update - March 2015

Greg and Amanda Day are keen to let us know how the 2015 vintage ‘down under’ is looking.


We experienced the hottest Christmas since we started the winery 16 years ago. Spring was a little indifferent with quite cool temperatures but not much rain. The weather turned to sunshine in mid-December and since then we have only had two days of rain in which one of those was on New Year’s Eve but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of my adult children who partied on to 4.30 am outside our bedroom window(!) – some of you will remember Samantha from your Eynsham Hall event, she was one of the lead instigators!


In late spring Nelson had a lick of Jack Frost and we have been burnt a little in the Chardonnay and our Reserve Riesling block. The good news from this is that nature has thinned our crop and with the exceptionally hot Christmas period the crop is looking fantastic. We could be heading for another 2010 where our wines from this vintage picked up a raft of Medals.


Is this global warming? This is the conundrum that the international wine industry is facing along with the world in general. Since Christmas we have had day after day of clear hot conditions and temperatures heading up to 30 degrees. This is far different from other years and the average is way up.


At the start of the growing season I would have thought that we will have a late vintage this year, in fact the opposite looks more likely and we could have our second early vintage in a row which is great news and should enable us to beat the normal Autumn rains we get in Nelson.


Over the next few weeks we have a large bottling programme for our 2014 vintage wines and will be bottling both our Mt Arthur Chardonnay and the Heaphy Pinot Noir, the 2014 Pinot Noir looks right up to our Gold Medal 2012 vintage Pinot Noir (and Silver Medal at the International Wine Challenge in London).


For any 3D Partners travelling to New Zealand (perhaps for the world Cricket Cup) please let us know so we can welcome you to our vineyard and winery. We look forward to your visits.


Amanda and Greg


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