2013 harvest at Montirius - August 2013

2013 harvest at Montirius – our biodynamic vineyard

As part of Eric and Christine Saurel’s biodynamic philosophy, at 6.30 every morning during harvest, they gather with the pickers to share some spiritual energy. This develops a strong team connection as well as transmitting a positive energy into the vineyard for the harvest.


The use of Mediterranean Vetche, Montirius

Our winemakers at Montirius have recently been planting Mediterranean Vetch. It is a leguminous plant which brings nitrogen to the soil whilst growing. What is particularly interesting about this plant is that it dries up when the climate is very hot, so it does not present a threat to the vines. Also, the dried leaves make a mulch or straw on the soil which protect it from the strong heat of the sun, and maintains a good level of humidity. Although Eric and Christine had to adapt quickly during a very rainy spring season, as the Mediterranean Vetch grew rapidly – even onto the vines. They managed to contain it and are very happy with the result which, given the heat wave this summer, has given a mulching effect between the vines. The soil remains protected and damp.

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