Champagne Blending Experience - July

Saturday 27th July 2019


A unique experience of learning how to become a chef de Cave producing your own special blend of champagne, under the guidance of Pierre Fresne, followed by a delicious three course lunch enhanced with your ‘own’ champagne as well as a few special vintages from the cellar.


You will also have the opportunity to gain an insight into all aspects of champagne making; the pressing process, fermentation, the difference between cuvée and taille, why the wines are separated into different tanks and cuves etc.


Pierre will provide a tutored tasting of base wines including: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, reserve wines, barrel-aged wines and red wines for rosé blends.  He will discuss the elements that each variable contributes to a blend – you will be given a summary of this information so you can refer to it later whilst blending.


You will then have a go at making your own blend!


The morning is rounded off with a tasting of a selection of champagnes at various stages of maturity.


A superb 3-course lunch will be provided for Partners wishing to stay.

Champagne Blending Workshop

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