The best recommendations always come by word of mouth, and one of our Partners can claim the credit for Domaine de Salvert – the winemaker is a friend of his!  Georges Bureau is a charming man who is delighted for the opportunity to ‘show off’, in perfect English, his vineyard to 3D Wines’ Partners.  He spent most of his working life in shipping, living and working on Merseyside for several years (where he met our Partner) before finally deciding to indulge his passion for wine and, as he says, “fly on my own”.  Georges and his wife Violaine both come from winemaking families in Bordeaux, so they had plenty of expertise to call upon if needed.


Domaine de Salvert is hidden away in the heart of the beautiful Anjou region between Saumur and Angers, in a little hamlet close to the famous sweet white wine appellation of Bonnezeaux.  The domaine had been in one family for many years, until in 1997, three-quarters of the estate had to be sold by the winemaker in settlement of a family inheritance.  However, for him, for us, for the new owners – and for you – we think that things have turned out rather well.  There is no doubt that we would never have discovered this vineyard without the enforced sale.


Domaine de Salvert’s 30 hectares of vines flourish on clay-limestone soil close to the banks of the River Layon and Georges makes a superb range of excellent award-winning wines: whites, reds and rosés, as well as crémants and luscious dessert wines.


However, the Anjou region is famous for its rosé wines and recent years have seen Georges invest a great deal in this area.  It is also a region well known for its sparkling crémant wines (Saumur is, after all, less than an hour away).  Georges has also invested heavily in equipment for making crémant de Loire.  All the processes (and they are quite complicated) can now be done at the domaine.  Hence quality can be better controlled.